i am an artist working and living  in berlin, germany. 
my first design project, miniBAGS was created during an artist residency in seoul as wearable interpretations of the motifs in my paintings. made with local materials, each bag is  a cohesive part of the collection but individual and unique in its own right.

the idea behind the bags is to have fun with the most basic of accessories while minimizing the burden of unnecessary stuff we tend to carry. by liberating ourselves in this way, i hope to encourage a more active engagement in one’s surroundings.

miniBAGs quickly spread among friends, who appreciated their colorful and practical characteristics. after three years of designing only on demand from friends, miniBAGs are now open to everyone. the colorful custom-made designs are now produced in berlin, but i still use materials sent directly from korea, in keeping with my initial sources of inspiration.

i hope you have as much fun as I do with the miniBAGS!